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Our company Keszthely Tourist was established in 1989 and has been operated under the management of several owners until 1994, when the present owner took over the travel agency. After 15 years a total of 10 branch offices have been set up with 20 full time and 50 part time employees. All branch offices are under controll of the head office located in Keszthely.

The agencies in Keszthely, Hévíz and Zalakaros are open throughout the year, the branch offices on the northern shore of the Lake Balaton have seasonal business hours. Services - Organization of trips both at home and abroad - Wellness and recreational programs - Travel checks are welcome - Accommodations and tenement agency - Coach rental - Organization of corporat and private events and holidays - Hostess, tour guide services - Currency exchange - Plane ticket sales - PAssanger insurance Our head office has been assigned to represent the travel company IBUSZ since 2004 offering all services provided by this agency

-Plane-tickets for students with special discount
-Internationl student ID's
-Office routines for visa
-Tickets for bus for international destinations.

Our company has 4 buses available for tours both at home and abroad. The accommodation capacity has been enlarged continously since 1995.

In 1997 the agency opened a pension with 25 rooms, a restaurant and an outdoor pool. The travel company has made and won an application of the Regional and Operational Program tender to establish the perform the following developments:


  • Renewal of the appartemnts and rooms to raise the standard of our services
  • Establishing of a wellness department
  • Establishing of apartments for desabled guests     

The accommodation capacity of our agency has been further extended between 1998-2000 in Keszthely and Zalakaros by constructing 15 new apartments for 50-60 persons. To improve our services a new branch office in Zalakaros was set up. To enlarge the accommodation capacity of our company is one of our main business strategies.

The owner and managing director of Keszthely Tourist :

Tormáné Szilágyi Márta